Lithik Security Manager

IT automation that actually works

The Lithik Security Manager (LSM) is a truly unprecedented security management tool. Using the experience gained from performing hundreds of in-depth security audits (most of them for highly regulated banks and credit unions), we have created a system that empowers a typical IT staff member to maintain their company's network security according to industry best practices. The LSM keeps organizations compliant and secure by handling all patch management and vulnerability fixes for your network — fast.

A graph showing a sharp decrease in the number of vulnerabilities after engaging the Lithik Security Manager

The LSM is a software console that tracks and automates the work that you may not have the expertise and likely don't have the time to do. Important items are summarized in a single pane, and you can drill down to view details about virtually everything on your network. Features include real-time software patch management, vulnerability monitoring, device and software inventory, Active Directory user and group inventory, and customizable alerts for every one of these items and more.

After using the LSM, you will have a good grasp of what is happening on your network, but how do you prove what you know? The LSM also has a robust reporting feature that shows how your network complies with best practices. While you'll likely prefer to look at the up-to-the-minute web page with complete details of everything on your network, generating a report is the perfect way to show an examiner, your boss, or a board of directors that things are shipshape. This report can include easy-to-read listings of vulnerabilities, installed software, Windows users and groups, firewall and antivirus status, and more. Many examiners who have seen the LSM ended up collecting most of their data from it, and left saying, "Everybody should have this!"

What people are saying...

"I trust the Lithik Security Manager to keep my environment patched and up to date. The ability to reliably patch third party software has eluded us for a long time due to budgetary and time constraints; the Lithik security manager has cured that problem."

Greg Lawless, IT Manager

Organization with over 400 workstations & 6 locations

"Since we installed the Lithik Security Manager we have not gotten any dings on the IT portion of a state or federal examination."

"My IT staff used to stay until midnight on patch Tuesdays to get everything applied, now with the LSM they don't work late that day anymore."

"I would have to hire additional IT staff to cover all the things the LSM does."

Chad Hoffman, President and CEO

Richwood Bank

"With your scorecard I can instantly tell how well it’s working – way better than a gauge."

Ivan Rollit, IT Assurance Manager

Info-Link Technologies, Inc.

"I refer to LSM many times throughout the day to check inventory of devices across the WAN and get reliable detailed and current information. LSM is much more effective and useful for this than Lansweeper."

"Lithik prompts and equips us to perform much needed but often over-looked network security management. It's not necessary to be a security engineer if you have their tools packaged into a nifty appliance like this."

Dan Walker, IT Administrator

450 workstations and over 25 servers

Lithik Security Manager screenshot

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