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Minimize your risk.

Your attack surface is the set of vulnerabilities an attacker can exploit to penetrate your network. In a Windows environment, nearly all of these are unapplied security updates. Your firewall and antivirus are designed to block these attacks, but no product can stop all of them. Trying to protect your vulnerabilities is good. Removing them is better.

Most organizations believe they have a system of patching and mitigating IT security vulnerabilities that works. However over the course of 13 years and hundreds of audits, we've noticed that that is hardly ever the case.

Having a tool that claims to fix vulnerabilities doesn't cut it. You also need that tool to show you where your vulnerabilities are so that you can check its work and be confident the job is being done effectively. That's exactly what we've designed the Lithik Security Manager to do.

A graph showing a sharp decrease in the number of vulnerabilities after engaging the Lithik Security Manager

If you'd like to see it for yourself, let us know. We'll give you a 1-month free trial, which will show you exactly where your network is vulnerable. Once you know that, we'll show you how to turn it loose, fixing your vulnerabilities and automatically patching nearly everything. Even if you decide not to keep our system, your network will be cleaner for trying it.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Security breaches can cost you in several ways:

  • A DoS or Ransomware attack can bring your whole system to a halt
  • Damaged files or databases take time to restore, assuming they were backed up at all
  • You may experience fines and penalties if personally identifiable information is exposed
  • Loss of revenue or community trust when people don't feel that their data is safe with you anymore

The list goes on. Nobody wants to get breached, but IT security systems can be prohibitively expensive, and may seem impossible to manage internally, especially if:

  • Your IT staff is overwhelmed and/or undertrained
  • You must prove that you are at a best practices level of compliance
  • You manage hundreds of systems over a wide geographical area

That doesn't have to be the case. Lithik has built the knowledge of a team of security experts into the Lithik Security Manager, which delivers Fortune 500 caliber network security and compliance at a cost that even small and medium businesses can afford. Our system is on 24/7, performing many of the tasks that take your time away from other pressing needs. You won't need a security expert either, because our system has industry best practices built right in. You can also view live data and generate PDF reports so you know your system is providing its maximum defense.

Are you safe? Are you sure?

Can you confidently say that you know your network is safe from a breach? If your answer is a worried "No!", then you aren't alone. In fact, in a recent survey of IT security practitioners, 70% said that they had been breached in the past 12 months1. The majority think it's likely they'll be breached again this year.

Why is this issue so tricky to nail down? In large part, it's because it's extremely difficult to develop an accurate, comprehensive understanding of what's on your network. Knowing what devices are connected gets you partway there, but knowing every piece of software that's installed, and what vulnerabilities are present is critical to an effective security footing. The Lithik Security Manager collects all this information in one place, making it possible to truly understand what's happening on your network. For the times when you're away from your desk, you can create custom alerts that are sent out via email or text message. If somebody connects an unknown device to your network, you can know about it minutes, no matter where you are.

The Lithik Security Manager makes all this information readily available in both real time and through detailed, easy to read reports. Whether you want to snapshot your network's current status or create them automatically created on a schedule, the LSM's reports are perfect for anybody who needs to report their network's status to somebody who won’t be an everyday user of the LSM interface.


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