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A cyber-insurance policy can help businesses weather the storm should there be an IT security breach or data loss incident, but many cyber-insurers find it difficult to determine the risk of breach in different companies. Any insurer is critically dependent on accurately assessing risk. Tried and true actuarial tables make determining premiums for life insurance relatively straightforward. Younger clients pay less, smokers pay more, etc. The cost of a breach is a somewhat straightforward calculation as well. The industry the client is in, the number of private records they hold and so on can all be combined to arrive at a reasonably reliable number. The odds of a breach, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to estimate, since they depend so severely upon how the individual network is being managed.

That's where the Lithik Security Manager comes into play. When installed, it dramatically reduces the likelihood of a breach by monitoring suspicious activity and keeping vulnerable software up to date. What's more, it continuously monitors the important security factors on their network, reporting a live security health score as well as a host of other metrics to let you keep track of their risk in real-time. Monthly summary reports can also be generated automatically to report on status and progress over time.

Using the LSM to monitor a network can let you adjust premiums depending on how well a client is staying on top of the biggest attack vectors. That encourages them to keep things clean, which reduces the chances that you'll have to pay out for a breach.

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Looking for a lower cyber-insurance premium?

Why are you paying so much for cyber-insurance? Maybe it's because insurers assume your business is a high risk. To them, any risk is a high risk unless proven otherwise. Maybe you don't know how to prove otherwise, or maybe you're not even confident they're wrong.

Enter the Lithik Security Manager. With its automated patching and vulnerability remediation system, it dramatically reduces the likelihood of a breach, and its real-time security health score will let you prove it. Even federal auditors trust the LSM's reports; why shouldn't your cyber-insurance provider? The LSM provides real, proven security. A drop in premiums is icing on the cake.

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