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Lithik Security Manager: The Ultimate Security Management Tool

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Vulnerabilities: TERMINATED

Don't just protect vulnerabilities from attack; remove them entirely. Automatically applying patches and fixing insecure configurations drastically reduces the number of ways a hacker even has a chance to get in.

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Third party patching

Common software is upgraded as soon as new security fixes are released, or on a preconfigured delay.

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Vulnerability mitigation

Proprietary routines detect and repair insecure configurations that can't be fixed with a patch.

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Windows updates

New packages are installed automatically at non-disruptive times, either from a WSUS cache or directly from Microsoft.

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Machines are rebooted after an installation finishes, and only when its safe and convenient to do so.

Automate the jobs you hate

See this stock photo (complete with watermark) of an IT department having a meeting? They have the time to pay attention to more important projects because the Lithik Security Manager is taking care of all the grunt work in the background. Thoroughly, continuously, automatically.

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Network-wide scans, updates, reboots, fixes, and more are all handled in the background based on a powerful and flexible automation scheduler that can be customized to fit any network requirements.

One console to rule them all...

Total visibility has never been simpler. A single, straightforward web interface makes it easy to browse device inventory, reset user passwords, check on antivirus status, etc., rather than having to keep tabs on all of those individually.

Blue lines connecting the various data the LSM reports

Secure from day 1

Start with safe, secure settings that automatically build and maintain network immunity against attack as soon as automation is enabled. Tweaking is optional and only takes a few minutes more.

Padlock with the number 1 as a keyhole
Padlock with the number 1 as a keyhole

Feedback that makes you more effective

When connectivity is impaired or a device isn't cooperating, get diagnostic detail about the problem and its solution. Stay informed about errors that are occurring or minor policy adjustments that could be made to dramatically improve security.

Reports you'll actually want to read

  • Customize what's relevant.
  • Create an actionable to-do list for technical staff.
  • Create high-level compliance reports that prove the job is getting done.

What people are saying...

"I trust the Lithik Security Manager to keep my environment patched and up to date. The ability to reliably patch third party software has eluded us for a long time due to budgetary and time constraints; the Lithik security manager has cured that problem."
Greg Lawless, IT Manager
Over 400 workstations & 6 locations
"Since we installed the Lithik Security Manager we have not gotten any dings on the IT portion of a state or federal examination."
CEO of regional bank
200 workstations and 25 servers
"My IT staff used to stay until midnight on patch Tuesdays to get everything applied, now with the LSM they don't work late that day anymore. I would have to hire additional IT staff to cover all the things the LSM does."
Chad Hoffman, President and CEO
Richwood Bank
"I refer to LSM many times throughout the day to check inventory of devices across the WAN and get reliable detailed and current information. LSM is much more effective and useful for this than Lansweeper."
IT Administrator
Non-profit with over 350 users
"I really like the flexibility Lithik offers to customize reporting to our needs. It is a powerful window into our systems and security."
CIO of regional bank
250+ users in 7 locations
"Lithik prompts and equips us to perform much needed but often over-looked network security management. It's not necessary to be a security engineer if you have their tools packaged into a nifty appliance like this."
Dan Walker, IT Administrator
450 workstations and over 25 servers
Free for 1 month

The results speak for themselves.

A graph showing a sharp decrease in the number of vulnerabilities after engaging the Lithik Security Manager

This is a graph of real customer data. This customer already had a patch management system in place, but it wasn't getting the job done. The Lithik Security Manager cleaned up the entire network in a matter of days and kept it there straight on through Patch Tuesday, bringing their risk factor nearly down to 0. That's why we do what we do.

Notable Features

  • Policy-driven automation
    • Build fixed groups of devices, or smart groups based on their characteristics
    • Apply powerful automate policy based on a highly customizable 24x7 schedule
    • Set it and forget it - oversight welcome, but not required
  • Vulnerability mitigation
    • Obliterate vulnerabilities in Windows, third party software, and even non-patchable insecure configurations
    • Guarantee patch availability within an hour of release
  • Vulnerability scanning
    • Use the built-in vulnerability scanner or connect to a Nessus registration
    • Enjoy complete and accurate visibility even when WSUS misbehaves
  • Device rebooting
    • Force reboots at appropriate and convenient times
    • Reboot redundant devices sequentially, so that only one is rebooting at a time
  • Thorough inventory
    • Manage an unlimited number of subnets, even across geographic boundaries
    • Gather fully credentialed information from Windows, *nix, and even SNMP devices
    • View detailed and current information about all the important things on your network, including devices, software, antivirus, vulnerabilities, AD users and groups, and running databases
    • Drill down for even more detail, including monitored device history
    • Perform actions on-demand that you'd rather not automate (such as unlocking AD users with a single click)
  • Useful reports
    • Tailor automatic monthly or midmonthly reports for various purposes
    • Customize email or SMS alerts about critical conditions or events
    • Download CSV copies of inventory data for analysis on your local network
  • System requirements
    • Scanning appliances can be installed on hardware or as virtual machines
    • Scanning appliances require internet access to communicate with cloud control
    • No limit to number of appliances per license

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