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LSM SMS Policies

Why SMS?

The Lithik Security Manager, or LSM, is the original IT security management tool offering fully automated policy-driven vulnerability management packaged in a full-featured network asset management system. Sending notifications to staff members about important events is a required feature of any asset management tool. LSM users can configure their LSM to send email or SMS (text) alerts to staff members when important events occur so that IT staff can respond quickly to urgent situations. Recent government regulations require any corporate sender of SMS messages to comply with opt-in, opt-out, terms of use, and privacy policy requirements.

Terms of Use

The LSM is only able to send SMS messages to staff members 1) who have been configured by email address on the Administration -> Lithik Security Manager Users page, 2) are able to log into the LSM through a device within the corporate security perimeter, 3) who have entered their personal cell phone number on the Administration -> Lithik Security Manager Users page, and 4) have proven to the LSM that they control that 10-digit phone number by verifying to the LSM that they have received a random security ID number by SMS on their cell phone.

No LSM user can enter or change the 10-digit SMS number for any LSM user other than their own. LSM users can configure SMS alerts to be sent to any LSM user including themselves, plus they can choose on modify alert policies regarding device groups or event types.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will any 10-digit phone number configured in the LSM for an LSM user be observed, published, or used in any way other than for its intended use as described in the Terms of Use description.

Only Lithik staff and the owner of a 10-digit phone number configured in the LSM have the ability to:

  • see the user's phone number, or
  • change or remove the user's phone number.

Additionally, any LSM user has the ability to lock Lithik staff out their LSM. However, some Lithik engineering staff do have the ability to work around this lockout mechanism, but are prohibited to do so unless requested by the customer, typically in case of emergency or to diagnose a problem in consultation with the customer..

No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. All the above categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties.

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