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About Us

Your security is our priority.

Lithik Systems was founded in 2003 with the vision of protecting every company from electronic attack. Since then, we've analyzed hundreds of different networks both large and small, public sector and private, and have helped each of them better protect their networks from breach.

We've all seen the flood of breach announcements in the news the past few years. Hardly a month goes by without a major company getting breached in a public and embarrassing way despite having massive resources devoted to security. As a result, amongst the organizations we've worked with, we see a pervasive attitude of hopelessness. People either despair, knowing they are unable to protect themselves from inevitable breach, or else they pretend they aren't at risk, often assuming their small size somehow means it won't happen to them.

We choose a different approach. Our goal is to provide expertise and tools that will allow anybody to protect their network without breaking their budget. We don't believe you need to be a giant company to have good security. We believe you just need to focus on what really matters. Well-thought-out network architectures and buying the right products for the job matter a lot more than having extensive security departments or buying famous brands.

The value of Lithik

The value that Lithik Systems brings to its clients is twofold. The first is leverage. We have the expertise to know what works and what wastes your money. We want you to talk to us when you're contemplating a major change to your network. We've probably already done most of the research you need to make an informed decision. Additionally, the Lithik Security Manager automates many routine tasks that otherwise require substantial man hours to address. We want you to spend your time doing work that actually requires human insight and intuition.

The second is what Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Section 501(b)1 requires as far as controls, oversight, monitoring, management, threat identification and corrective action as they relate to security. Our audits and automated reports don't merely satisfy documentation requirements; they are targeted to give non-technical executive staff sufficient understanding of IT security and compliance issues to make informed decisions.

1Gramm-Leach-Bliley is the federal law that governs financial institutions and is the basis for regulatory audits and action against officers and board members of these institutions.

Who are we?

Lithik's team of experts have significant accomplishments in security technology including:

  • The invention of the fourth generation firewall technology still used in today's security products
  • The world's first Intrusion Prevention System (possibly second; KarlNet may have beaten us by a few days)
  • The first router with a built-in firewall
  • The world's first commercial IPsec implementation
  • A seven-year appointment as Chair of the Point-to-Point Extensions Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force
  • The development and deployment of a network security department for an international fiber optic network

Lithik employees uphold themselves to the UncommonSense Framework of the Center for Character Ethics of the Better Business Bureau2, as well as a high standard of core values:

  • Integrity and responsibility in all business and personal interactions
  • Generosity and service towards others, locally and internationally
  • A strong work ethic and a genuine desire to do what is right for our clients


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